History of Teaneck Township

General Township History

The History of Teaneck, 1895 - 1995 is a good place to start. And continue for more information in Historical Sketch of Teaneck, from Teaneck, New Jersey - Forty Years of Progress, 1895-1935, pamphlet, copyrighted 1935 by Township of Teaneck

Historical Sketch of Teaneck -- Article by Elizabeth S. Sample, published in Times Review, 3/21/1930.

The Story of the Township of Teaneck -- By Evelyn C. Sloat. A these submitted to the University of New Hampshire in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of arts. June 1941

(Information on Evelyn C. Sloat: Evelyn C. Sloat was born in North Bergen, New Jersey in October 1914. Her parents William L. and Theresa L. (Dangelo) soon moved to Teaneck. Evelyn wrote this history of Teaneck as partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master of Arts degree from the University of New Hampshire in June 1941. She later married Frank B. Vargas. Evelyn died on January 25, 1991 and is buried in Brewster Cemetery in Cape Cod.)

The Chronology of Teaneck lists major events in Teaneck's history dating back to 1618.

An act to create a new township in the county of Bergen to be called the Township of Teaneck - Public Laws 1895, chapter 37, page 886

1895 Census of Teaneck Township

First Anniversary of Adoption of The Municipal Manager Plan – Forth Citizens Drafted to Serve on Nine Honorary Advisory Boards - The Town Manager, published by the Teaneck Taxpayers’ League, November 1931, p. 1, 4 & 10

Teaneck Diamond Jubilee 1895-1970: 75 Years of Progress -- Articles from Souvenir Edition of The Teaneck Shopper, Supplement, October 21, 1970

Celebrate Teaneck 1895 - 1995 -- A special edition from the Suburbanite (March 1995) for Teaneck Centennial. There are articles on Teaneck history, NECO, school, railroad, Cedar Lane, Model Town, etc.

Discover Teaneck '83 "Then and Now" -- Articles about Teaneck published for the Teaneck Housing Center by The Teaneck News on May 18, 1983.

After 50 Years -- Teaneck Looks Forward -- Articles and photos of Teaneck published in 1946 for 50 years celebration.

Teaneck's Most Progressive 12 Years (1929-1941) -- A success story to make and keep Teaneck the ideal community.     Pamphlet published and distributed by Teaneck Taxpayers League.

Slice of History -- Interviews with municipal historian Larry Robertson -- Articles by Howard Prosnitz, staff writer of Teaneck Suburbanite

Portrait of Teaneck -- Historical materials documenting life in Teaneck.

The Teaneck Plan -- In 1933, the Office of The Township Planning Board of Teaneck made a master plan for the future development of Teaneck, including the plan for the street system, traffic regulation, public building, the sewer system, etc.

Teaneck General Development Plan -- With the combined effort from Township Council, Teaneck Planning Board and Herbert H. Smith Associates, this General Development Plan for Teaneck included the study of existing land use, the future land use plan, the community facilities plan as well as the plan for streets, highways, bridges and parking. Cost and zoning requirement are also included in the plan.

Teaneck As a Model Town--Teaneck was selected as a Model Town by Army authorities from 10,000 communities in 1949. The photo exhibit was shown in Japan and other occupied countries.

A Teaneck Retrospective: Photographs of life in Teaneck from the 1950s - 1970s - By Emmett Francois. A photo exhibit at the Teaneck Public Library (December 2009 - January 2010) sponsored by the Friends of The Teaneck Public Library.

This Is Teaneck: A Community Handbook -- Prepared by the League of Women Voters of Teaneck with the cooperation of the Teaneck Township Council in 1961.

Lessons of Teaneck: Town's Journal From riot to Redemption After Cop Shooting -- By Jon Schuppe. NBC News, March 14, 2016

Your Town - Good Citizens are informed citizens; Good government is a result of an informed citizenry; Knowledge of Functions and accomplishments bring understanding and support; The purpose of this civic review is to advise and inform; This is the story of your Township, Government and Business - Published by the Teaneck Township Council, 1948.


Teaneck Armory -- completed in 1936, has served many roles in its more than 60 years history

Business Ownership

Keeping it in the Family -- About five multi-generational Teaneck business: Limone's Farm; Robert Morrill Insurance Agency; Tulp Agency; Bischoff's Ice Cream and Manor Shoes

Teaneck's last farm closes its doors -- After more than 100 years, Teaneck's oldest family owned business [Limone's Farm] has shut its door.


Favorite Recipes - by the women of Teaneck Presbyterian Church, Teaneck, N. J. 1938.

A Sense of Taste - Compiled for National Library Week by the Staff of the Teaneck Public Library, April 1963.

"A Taste of Teaneck" - The Teaneck Centennial Celebration Cookbook. 1995.

Fairleigh Dickinson University

The Pictorial History of Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fire Department, Volunteer Fire Association and Ambulance Corp

Teaneck Fire Department -- Contains many pictures of fire houses, pictures and information about fire chiefs, and a section on the Teaneck Volunteer Fire Association (TVFA).

Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corp -- Contains articles, pictures and information of the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corp (TVAC).

Garden Club of Teaneck

History of the Garden Club of Teaneck

Historical Landmarks and Houses

Come see the historic landmarks of Teaneck, taken from "A Guide to the Historic Landmarks of Teaneck, New Jersey."

The Pictorial Essay of Historic Teaneck -- A senior service project done by a student at Teaneck High School in 1981.

Historical House Tour -- The Woman's Club of Teaneck conducted an historical house tour in 1960.  Seven houses were included in the tour and historical background of places were introduced.  The newspaper clippings are about the house and the tour.

"The Story of Our First School, Sunday School, and Town Hall." -- By William C. Fay

THIS OLD HOUSE: Inside brick walls lies centuries of history -- Zabriskie-Kip-Cadmus house. By Howard Prosnitz, Teaneck Suburbanite, March 18, 2009, p. 3

A Well-Kept Secret: Landmark a hidden treasure -- Brinkerhoff-Demarest house. By Kevin G. DeMarrais. The Sunday Record, October 15, 1995, Section R, p. 1

Historic Burial Ground Saved -- 662 Pomander Walk. By Howard Prosnitz, Teaneck Suburbanite, October 29, 2009. p. 1.

Historical Homes: Houses suggested for preservation; owners protest -- By Howard Prosnitz, Teaneck Suburbanite, January 21, 2010. p. 2.

No Vote Decision: Council declines historic status; property owners object designation -- By Howard Prosnitz, Teaneck Suburbanite, February 18, 2010. p. 1

Teaneck's Historic Red Oak Tree

Holy Name Hospital

History of Holy Name Hospital


History Tour of the Teaneck Public Library -- Welcome to the History of the Teaneck Public Library site.  Come to find out more about the history of the library, its design and renovations, services the library provided over the years, as well as persons devoted to the Teaneck Library.

New Deal Art Murals at the Teaneck Public Library and in New Jersey

Library Murals Restored After 70 Years on Walls


Township Managers 1930 to Present

Manager's Report - 1950 - 2017 Reports of the Township Manager

1934 Report of the Township Manager -- Teaneck Township issues Manager's Report each year.  Take a look of the Report dated 1934 to find out the operation of the Township during that time.

Mayors, Chairmen and Council Members

Mayors, Chairmen and Council Members of Teaneck Township (1895-2014) -- Include biographies, articles as well as campaign materials.

New Deal and WPA Art

Art of the 1930s: Collection depicts physical labor of the times

Taking a Fresh Look at New Deal Art: Many WPA-funded works are still intact in N.J.

New Deal Art Murals at the Teaneck Public Library and in New Jersey

Oral History and Personal Recollections

Oral History of Teaneck--Interviews conducted in 1970s -- Find out where were our schools, streets, railroads or farms, who was the first barber or who owns the first drug store in Teaneck.  Stories told here are vivid and interesting.  

Oral History of Teaneck--Interviews conducted in 1980s -- This project was funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The goal is to develop an oral history archive. The interviews tried to reflect the following areas:  

  1. Teaneck is a community that had a transition from farm to suburban community; 
  2. Compare public policy and its intention with the perceptions of impact on its citizenry; 
  3. Trace the settlement and adjustment of diverse racial and ethnic groups into suburban America;
  4. What public policies and personal attitudes created a conducive atmosphere for integration.

My Memories of Teaneck - By Bob Davis

A Glimpse of the Old Days of Teaneck -- By Robert N. Morrill. Mr. Morrill lived in Teaneck for about 60 years.


Teaneck Parks

Police Department

A History of the Teaneck Police Department -- By William D. Plusch, Lt. & Bryan E. Burke, Sgt., 1972. (PDF)

Teaneck Police Department -- Contains history and photo essays of Teaneck Police Department.

There's No Crime in Teaneck - By Edward D. Radin, From: Saturday Evening Post, July 28, 1945

Teaneck Police Department Photo Essay

New Chief is Ready for Role as Top Chair -- By Ryan Levinsohn, Staff Writer; From: Teaneck Suburbanite, July 16, 2008, p. 3

Tiernan awarded Police Chief of the Year in Delaware - Teaneck Suburbanite, October 13, 2011

Teaneck swears in new police chief - By Mark Krulish, Staff Writer, Teaneck Suburbanite, December 25, 2014, p. 1

Postal Office

History of Postal Operation, Teaneck, New Jersey -- History of Teaneck Post Office.

Postcard Collection

Postcard Collection of Teaneck -- Teaneck Public Library has an extensive collection of old postcards about Teaneck. Most of them are unused. But some of them were used and had postmark dated from as early as the beginning of the century to the late sixties. These postcards gave us a glimpse of the history of Teaneck.

Teaneck history preserved on postcards -- Lifelong Teaneck residents, the Berdans loaned their collection of Teaneck postcards to the Teaneck Public Library, where they were scanned and added to the library's digital postcard collection.

Berdan Collection of Teaneck Postcards

Snapshots of History: Videos made from postcards portray old Teaneck-- By Stacey Rosenfeld, Special to Teaneck Suburbanite. Teaneck Suburbanite, February 23, 2012, p. 4.

Public Works

Department of Public Works in the 1930's


A History of the West Shore Rail Line, from 1870 to present.


"Spiritual Comforts Take Root," -- by Mildred Taylor. An article on the growth of religion and the construction of houses of worship in Teaneck.

History of the Churches of Teaneck -- Information about the development of various churches in Teaneck.

Rotary Club

History of Club: Rotary celebrates 80 years of community service -- By Howard Prosnitz, staff writer, Teaneck Suburbanite, December 17, 2009


Teaneck Public Schools -- History of the establishment of Teaneck public schools, old school buildings, etc.

High School Yearbooks -- Teaneck Public Library has the collection, as well as the digital version, of all the Teaneck High School Yearbooks (1930 - now). Please contact the Reference Dept. (Tel.: 201-837-4171) for ordering a digital copy, if interested

The Town Manager

The Town Manager was a monthly publication published by Teaneck Taxpayers' League in the early 1930s.

1931: September, October, November, December

1932: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

1933: January, February, March, April

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Post No. 1429

A Brief History of Captain Stephen T. Schoonmaker Post 1429, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

Officers of Captain Stephen T. Schoonmaker Post 1429, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (circa 1930)

25th Anniversary Year Book of Captain Stephen S. T. Schoonmaker Post

VFW Post to Vacate 1869 Building Tomorrow for Modern New Quarters - The Sunday Sun, November 9, 1958

Teaneck VFW Celebrate Golden Anniversary - By Laurette Kitchen, Press Journal, October 21, 1976

First Post Home was first town hall - Press Journal, Thursday, November 4, 1976

Woman's Club

More information and newspaper articles are available at Teaneck Public Library.

Thirty-Five Years of Club Achievements-- By Blanche B. Chesney, Historian, May 23, 1960

Recall Meetings in Stable on Club's 30th Anniversary-- From THE SUNDAY SUN, May 29, 1955

The Woman's Club of Teaneck, New Jersey Year Book, 1958 - 1959

Historical Photos of The Woman's Club of Teaneck

Wars (those who served)

World War I

World War I Memorial in Teaneck - Click on each name to find out more.

World War II

Teaneck Heroes who served and died during World War II - Information about each of our World War II heroes are posted. Click on the name of each person to get more information.

Photos of alumni of Teaneck High School who served and died during World War II

WWII photos to hang in Teaneck High School lobby once again - By Megan Burrow, Managing Editor, Teaneck Suburbanite, March 13, 2014, page 3

Rededication of the Photo Memorial at Teaneck High School of the Alumni who served and died during WWII

  1. Event Program - Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 1:30 PM
  2. Event Photos - Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 1:30 PM
  3. Teaneck WWII Heroes Regain Place of Honor - The Record, Thursday, 5/22/2014, p. L1
  4. Dedication of WWII photos in Teaneck: "Our boys are back" - Teaneck Suburbanite, 5/29/ 2014, p. 4

World War II Memorials in Teaneck

Teaneck During World War II Scrapbooks -- Teaneck Public Library has scrapbooks of newspaper articles about Teaneck men and women in the service all over the world from 1942 to 1945. Now, you can view the articles and many newspaper photographs here.

1942: January - June; July - December

1943: January - March; April - June; July - September; October - December

1944: January - February; March - April; May - June; July; August; September - October; November - December

1945: January - February; March - June; July - October

Donated by Teaneck High School, the Library also has WWII Oral History Videos available for home viewing, which are produced by Teaneck High School students by interviewing local veterans about their experiences in various theatres of war.

Korean and Vietnam War

Korean and Vietnam War Memorial - click on each name to find out more.

William Walter Phelps

William Walter Phelps, Man of Distinction-- Once owned 1500 acres from the Hackensack to Hudson Rivers, Phelps is linked more closely with Teaneck's history and development than any other individual.