Teaneck As A Model Town

Teaneck was selected as a Model Town by Army authorities from 10,000 communities in 1949.  Here are some articles and a photo exhibit.

Democracy for Export -- From This Week Magazine of N. Y. Herald Tribune, Nov. 6, 1949

Army "Model Town Shots" shown at Teaneck Library -- From The Sun Bulletin, Tuesday, Nov. 17, 1949, p. 1

Teaneck On Film As Model Town -- From New York Times, Sept. 22, 1949

Teaneck As A Model Town -- A Photo Exhibit -- The photo exhibit was shown in Japan and other occupied countries.

Teaneck Seeks to Keep Pattern of Model Town for Commuters -- From N. Y. Herald Tribune, Sept. 9, 1951

Teaneck Town of Prosperous Jersey Commuters, Has One Privileged Class--Children-- From N. Y. Herald Tribune, May 18, 1952

Teaneck, N. J., Called Model of Democracy -- From N. Y. Herald Tribune, 1961 (exact date unknown)

Reputation and Reality in America’s Model Town: Remembering Racial Integration in Teaneck, New Jersey, 1949–1968 -- by Rachel Mark, Senior Thesis, Department of History, Columbia University, April 4, 2011