Holy Name Hospital
Holy Name Hospital, as it looked in 1964, after the two-story addition to the Marian Building.  Since then, the Breslin/Kennedy addition, a medical/surgical unit, was added in 1980, the rehabilitation center was added in 1991, and a $50 million, 100,000 square foot, five-story addition was opened in Nov. 1, 1992.  The new addition has a 25-bed maternity unit, a cardiographic suite, a 22-bed same-day surgery suite, facilities for bronchoscopy and endoscopy suite, and a new kitchen and dining pavilion.  Today, Holy Name Hospital serves 18,000 inpatients annually ..
Holy Name Hospital -- pamphlet published in 1925
First Graduation Class, School of Nursing, 1928
History of Holy Name Hospital -- pamphlet published by Bergen County Medical Society, date unknown
Holy Name Hospital Rates As One of Finest In State, Every Facility Here - By F. G. Dilger, M. D., The Town Manager, March 1932, p. 18-19
Saving Lives in Bergen County -- Holy Name Hospital Annual Report for 1940
Holy Name Hospital Honors Pioneer Leader -- The Record, Monday, April 10, 1972
Holy Name Ball to Mark 50th -- Press Journal, November 13, 1975
Holy Name Hospital Has Groundbreaking -- Teaneck News, June 23, 1976
"Think New": At Holy Name, stumping for health-care plan -- A Visit From the First Lady -- The Record, October 21, 1993
Holy Name Hospital: 70 Years Young and Growing With the Teaneck Community -- The Record, Friday, October 20, 1995
HNH Opens Expanded Emergency Care Center -- Teaneck Suburbanite, Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Holy Name to open hospice on old estate: Villa Marie Claire -- Teaneck Suburbanite, Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009, p. 3.
  Hospital officially changes over to Medical Center -- Teaneck Suburbanite, March 18, 2010, p. 19


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