Interested in what and how Teaneck was at the beginning of the century?  The Oral History of Teaneck is the right place for you.  Find out where were our schools, streets, railroads or farms, who was the first barber or who owns the first drug store in Teaneck.  Stories told here are vivid and interesting.  Click on any of the name to take a glimpse of the life of old time.

George Ahrens Frederic Andreas George Beaumont Lt. George Botyos
Alma Crotta Brennan Thomas Bublitz Elsie von Scholda Butler Clara Christensen
Charles Clausen Ellie Cole & Clarisse Cole Custer Mrs. Lili Thiede Conklin Thomas J. Costa
Thomas J. Costa (2) Mrs. Harry Davis Helen Bradner Devoe Louis DiBella
Beatrice Schwartz Diggelmann Eleanor Encke Muriel Ridley  Everson Judge Leland Ferry
Robert P. Fitzpatrick Mrs. Mariam Johnson Freitag Eva M. Gemp William E. Guthrie
Max A. Hasse Alice Miralia Hoek Eleanor Kennedy Madison Miss Louise Jordan
Ruth Keating Mrs. Katherine Keener Martial Kilmurray Larry Kuusela
Mrs. Sadie Laight Mrs. George Lebeck Mrs. George Lebeck (2) Frank Leers
Andy & Tony Limone William Linday Mrs. Clarence Lofberg Frank & Ed Lofberg
Mrs Frances Manno Ada Mantena Dorothy Martena Lucille M. McBride
Robert Morrill Charles Montgomery Mrs. Ida Damrau Mortensen Mrs. Vida Muller
David & Edna Musicant Agnes C. Norton Jack O'Brien Mrs. Ralph Olsen
Mrs. Alice Papin Lillian Stevenson Pinkham Milton Pinkham Anges Stevenson Reilley
Joseph Riehle Edna DeGraw Schuh Fannie Borden Schultz Mrs. Frank Scolpino
Det. Sgt. Anthony Scolpino Chris Sheffe Mrs. Lois Henderson Stianson Miss Jane Sullivan
John Sullivan Howard Teitelbaum Richard Verlini Lacey Walker
Mrs. William Ward Frank A. Weber Mrs. Edythe Whipple Mrs. Alma(Roscoe) Williford
Jesson Witham Mrs. Marjorie Polifene Zeliff Joseph & Paul Zitelli  


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