The Pictorial Essay of Historic Teaneck was originally put together by Jonathan Beer. It was a Senior Service Project at Teaneck High School, submitted on June 10, 1980. In this area, you will find pictures and small blurbs about different historic places and memorabilia.

The Brinkerhoff-Demarest Homestead--Located at 493 Teaneck Rd., is the second-oldest house in Bergen County. The house was built in 1678.
Sign in front of Brinkerhoff-Demarest House.

The first Phelps Mansion was built in the late 1800's. It served the family well until it burnt down in the early 1900's.

It was built to replace the first Phelps Mansion after a fire destroyed it in the early 1900's. The second mansion was built where Holy Name Hospital stands today.

The historic bridge that Washington crossed during his famous retreat (Floor boards are the originals).

The 1888 dating of the cornerstone represents a partial rebuilding of the bridge completed that year.

Sign in front of new New Bridge Inn.

The modern Inn was built in 1964 after the old New Bridge Inn burned down.

Steuben House Sign.

Front and side view overlaid on each other.

Side View of Steuben House

Antique Well Behind Steuben House.

Located at 664 River Road, this house was built around 1761, displaying features of Jersey-Dutch architecture.

Located at 1286 River Road, it is one of three houses included in an historic American buildings survey. Dates back to 1734. The spacious addition was built in 1787.

Located at 20 Sherwood Avenue, it is a charming example of Dutch-Colonial architecture. The house was built in 1763, and a wing was added in 1845. The roof and dormers were added in 1872-3.

Located at the north end of Van Buren Avenue and Teaneck Road. These antique stairs were built around 1825, and are still used today.

In 1825 this fireplace was used for all cooking.

A Very Old Well on the Grounds of the James Vandelinda House--Located at 566 Teaneck Road, this well was built between 1825-30.

A Very Old Fireplace On the Grounds of the James Vandelinda House--Also built during the 1820's.

A very old tree on the grounds of the Teaneck Library. Its age is unknown.

Double exposure plaque in memory of Captain James Wallace Beveridge with tree dedicated to him.