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The thirtieth birthday anniversary of the Woman's Club of Teaneck Tuesday at the Swish Chalet in Rochelle Park is quite a contrast to the formal tea held back in 1925 in the stable of Mrs. Bernard Lippman, founder of the group.  The affair 30 years ago was elegant, however.  A gleaming tea and coffee service shone in an erstwhile horse stall!

Mrs. Karl Rowles, president, reviewed the history of the club at Tuesdays luncheon attended by 225 women dressed in their prettiest summer finery.  "Yes Sir, That's My Baby" was the hit tune of Charleston dancers in 1925 when Mrs. Lippman founded the Teaneck Club.  There were 112 charter members and before the year was out there were 235 on the roster.  Teaneck's population then was 4100.

The club renovated the Lippman barn for those early gatherings, shoveled snow before meetings, tended the fire while keeping busy on such community projects as establishing a Girl Scout Troop, providing a community Christmas tree and agitating for the appointment of a shade tree supervisor.

The club met subsequently at the Masonic Temple, St. Mark's Church, the Teaneck Town House, Christ Church and the Library Auditorium.  The women expect to have a club house of their own at Beverly and Windsor Roads before long.

During the depression years the women raised $371 for the town welfare fund by means of a miniature golf course.  They went from door to door selling bath towels.  During the war years, social activities were cancelled to save fuel, but the women carried on with Victory prospects.  A dream of many years was realized several years ago when the club acquired its building site. 

Mrs. William Whitewell, building fund chairman, reported that plans for the building designed by the late George M. Cady, may have to be revised.  Bids, opened recently, ranged from $82,000 to $65,000.  Frank H. Weber, president of the Garden State National Bank, assured the women that the $65,000 bid was not excessive, but that the club lacked sufficient funds to go ahead on that basis.  He suggested that the architect to over the plans and eliminate things that could be added at a later date.  The architect and contractor will get together on the matter shortly.  Mrs. Whitewell and Mrs. John Kelly of the building committee urged members who have not yet made pledges to the building fund to turn in their cards as quickly as possible.

Candles were light for the following past presidents: Mrs. Lippman, who died in 1951, served from 1925 - 30;Mrs. Ferry, 1930 - 34 and 1938 - 40; Mrs. Michael Dunne, 1934 - 36; Mrs. John Kroog, 1936 - 38; Mrs. Arthur Strickland, 1940 - 44; Mrs. Hugh Reed, 1944 - 46; Mrs. Hugh Dale, 1948 - 50; Mrs. John Lange, 1950 - 52; and Mrs. John Kelly, 1952 - 54.

-- from The Sunday Sun, May 29, 1955.  p. 19.