Teaneck As A Model Town

-- A Photo Exhibit --

All photos were taken by Victor De Palma for the exhibition in Japan and other occupied countries in 1949.


139 Center Street       New York 13, New York

Teaneck is a suburban New Jersey town of 35,000 people.  Since most of them commute to nearby New York City or various New Jersey industrial cities to their jobs or businesses, they look to Teaneck to provide comfort, peace, and the best in educational recreational facilities for their children.

The town is capably governed under the Council-Manager plan.  This means that the people every four years elect five councilmen, who in turn elect one of their number as Mayor.  The town council then appoints the town manager to conduct the affairs of the township much as a business executive would direct a business enterprise.  The various departments of the municipal government, such as the Health Department, the Police and Sanitation Departments, work under the direction of the Town Manager who makes periodic reports to the Town Council on the state of affairs of the community.

Located in rolling countryside, the town has a natural beauty which its Department of Parks and Recreation does much to foster.  Occupying roughly six squire miles, the town has reserved 20 percent of its area for parks and playgrounds.  Situated only miles from the George Washing Bridge, which connects New Jersey and Manhattan, Teaneck is served by Route 4, a main highway leading directly to the Bridge.  The town has purchased strips of land along either side of the highway, and is landscaping this parkway area, prohibiting advertising and other signs.

But what it does for its children makes Teaneck an outstanding community.  A modern high school and seven excellently equipped grade schools comprise the educational system.  There is also a Catholic school for those who prefer it.  The Recreation Department, which has a paid Director, provides adequate recreational facilities for children at every age level.  The Department of Health maintains Child-Hygiene Station which, among other services, provide free injections for smallpox, whooping cough and diphtheria.

This series of picture shows how the town of Teaneck is governed, and reflects the friendliness and informality that mark the relationship of government and people in this democratic town.

Teaneck Road near Forest Avenue Cedar Lane near Front Street
Cedar Lane Traffice Control on Teaneck Road and Forest Avenue
Citizens participating in a public meeting in the school auditorium Teaneck Council Chambers sharing a light moment at a public meeting
Teaneck Council Chambers have a public meeting Teaneck Township at work
Teaneck Police Department Teaneck's council holds public meetings, heed suggestions from private citizens
School children putting on a show Young children making music at school
St. Anastastia students lining up for the school bus Student with teacher at St. Anastastia
Tomorrow's headers hold a meeting Lowell school student hurrying home from school
Police Athletic League award ceremony Police Athletic League receiving award
Police Athletic League award winners Receiving athletic award
Training time Teaneck Township Public Library
Research at the public library Our young library user