The Grange

William Walter Phelps

~ Man of Distinction ~
The Ruin


Portrait of William Walter Phelps -- Painted by Chester Loomis (1852-1924), owned by Teaneck Public Library.

Phelps Estate Album -- Most photos taken around August, 1896.  Teaneck Collection, Teaneck Public Library.

William Walter Phelps: Congressman, Ambassador, Judge -- By Robert D. Griffin, Township Historian.  The Record, Friday, October 20, 1995, Advertising Supplement, p. TN-9

William W. Phelps: Man of Distinction -- By Tricia Duffy, Staff Writer.  The Suburbanite, Oct 14, 1981, pp. 1, 10.  

William Walter Phelps: A Lasting Imprint -- By Mildred Taylor.   The History of Teaneck, Chapter 8. [Teaneck, N. J.] : Teaneck American Revolution Bicentennial Committee, c1977.  pp.46-52.

The William Walter Phelps Mansion "The Grange" -- By Mrs. Mildred Taylor. Teaneck Shopper, Wednesday, August 5, 1970.

The Grange - A Most Prestigious Home -- This Week In Teaneck, Friday, August 19, 1988, p.2

Phelps Influence Felt In Teaneck's Growth -- He Carved Out Huge Estate Which Extended From The Hackensack To Hudson.  Source Unidentified.  Teaneck Collection, Teaneck Public Library.

Phelps Park -- 15.78 acres, situated in the west central section of Teaneck.

A Washington Dinner: An Appreciation of William Walter Phelps -- By Alex Phelps.

Englewood plans to preserve history of MacKay Park Gatehouse -- By Stephanie Noda. Teaneck Suburbanite, October 11, 2012. p. 6.


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