Source:  The Teaneck News, Wednesday, July 14, 1971

A New Era Begins With U. S. Postal Services

On July 1, 1971, the United States Post Office Department faded into history after nearly 200 years of service to the American people. Its place was officially taken by a new organization, the United States Postal Service, an independent establishment of the government formed to meet the changing needs of our growing society. It has come into being in response to an overwhelming need - the need to move the largest volume of mail the world has ever known over great distances more swiftly and more efficiently.

The challenge for the new Postal Service in the months and hears ahead will be to provide better, faster and more dependable mail service for all its customers. Already plans are being initiated for a major mechanization program to streamline mail processing and delivery. The need for such a program has been evident for some time.

The Teaneck News Editor, John Belfi, visited the Teaneck Post Office on July 1. when he had an opportunity to see how the post office changes were made. Many new innovations will be forthcoming. Postmaster Lawrence Friedman gave your editor an enlightening tour of the building and its many facilities. I also had the opportunity to meet many of the postal workers who graciously explained the various machines that are used and the many facets that are needed to keep the flow of incoming and outgoing mail on the go.

I learned that there are over 40 million pieces of mail processed at the Teaneck Post Office which serves 14 thousand families and businesses.